Bio-Psy's Steering Committee engaged a collective reflection in order to define the optimal strategy to benefit as much as possible from the strengths of the partner teams. The aim was to define Bio-Psy priorities, while maintaining the long-term objectives described above.

The following priorities have been identified :

  • Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorders (8 groups with major interest, 6 groups with minor interest)
  • Addiction (6 groups with major interest, 3 groups with minor interest)
  • Autism and ASD (5 groups with major interest, 3 groups with minor interest)

In parallel, bio-Psy aims to encourage projects benefiting from transversal expertise, around the following themes :

  • Motivation and Reward
  • Cortical development

And to develop projects in the following areas :

  • Immunity-inflammation
  • iPSCs
  • Economy

Additionally, the organization of the program in the 5 axes presented above (brain development, transmission and signalling, circuits and plasticity, genes x environment, and psychiatry and society) is formally maintained, since the priorities generally include components in the 5 axes.




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