Bio-Psy is organized around two main axes : research and training.

Bio-Psy's research interests lie in the origin and biological mechanisms of mental illnesses such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, hyperactivity with attention deficit and addictions. By contributing to a better understanding of these diseases dysfunctions, Bio-Psy's actions should allow the identification of new therapeutic targets and the development of new therapeutic approaches.

Bio-Psy's main goals are the following :

  • Understand the causes and mechanisms of mental illness
  • Identify new biomarkers for prevention early diagnosis and follow-up
  • Propose new approaches for prevention, early diagnosis and personalized psychiatry
  • Evaluate costs/benefits and societal implications of progress

These objectives are organized in a transversal approach around 5 scientific axes (or WP).

  • Brain development,
  • Neurotransmission and signaling,
  • Plasticity of cerebral circuits,
  • Genes and environment,
  • Mental health and society.

Bio-Psy's ambition is also to encourage the emerging of a new generation of neurosciences specialists and psychiatrists, by combining its efforts with existing forces at the UPMC, UPEC, the Pasteur Institute and the ENP.




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